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The Kowal Brothers have been in the paving business since 1959. 


Our father John Sr. started out with a small dump truck, a wheelbarrow, a hand roller, and 4 boys ages 7 and 14.  Thru the years we have built a business on hard work and doing the job right the first time.  Now we have 2 tri axle, 2 single axle trucks, a Lee Boy paver that paves widths from 4' to 15', which enables us to handle jobs from walkways to roadways.  We have a grader to level and shape drives, parking areas, and roads so that they drain properly.  We strive to do the neatest job, a job that will last many years. 


One of the first driveways we put in in 1959 is still being used today.  Most of our business comes from word of mouth of satisfied customers through out the Tri/state area.  We are the most recommended paving contractor from many other building contractors throughout the Tri/State area. 


    We prepare our jobs by first, removing all grass and weeds using our backhoe and grader.  Then we add a layer of stone so that the base is strong and will be able to support the load of everyday traffic, also at this time the proper grade for water drainage is addressed. 

    Next we roll the stone with a 10 ton vibratory roller which packs the base tight  as we don't want settling after the blacktop is in place.

    Then, we then lay the asphalt, a layer approximately 4" thick, on top of the stone.  The asphalt is then rolled with our 10 ton roller and that will compact it to a finished thickness of approximately 3 1/2". 


Don't be fooled into a cheaper price with less asphalt, they will only last a few years.  We have literally thousands of satisfied customers.  Ask around, ask your building contractor who does the finest asphalt work, the name Kowal Brothers will be the one for people you can trust and the best job around for almost 50 years.


We won't knock on your door and say we have a load of asphalt left from a job, this is an old trick to get you to think you will be getting a good deal, but you won't.  All of the steps mentioned above will be left out and you will be left with a job that will have weeds growing up thru it within a month.                      

What Else Can We Do For You

Whether you desire to resurface, restore or expand your driveway or parking lot, we will inspect and diagnose the situation, suggest the best solution and prepare an accurate and competitive written proposal.

  • New Construction

  • Pave over stone

  • Asphalt Overlay

  • Seal Coat

  • Commercial

  • Large Residential

Seal Coating

Protect your investment!   Consider these advantages to sealing your pavement:

  • Makes your pavement look brand new

  • Resists damage due to gas, oil, chemicals, etc.

  • Prevents raveling of stone due to oxidation

  • Prolongs life of asphalt by keeping it flexible

  • Provides a lasting, uniform, attractive appearance

  • A minor expense when compared to your original investment

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